There are multiple domains of knowledge in the health research arena. Each of these communities have their own particularities about health data generation, acquisition and management: semantic considerations, specific ontologies and controlled vocabularies, and/or codification formats. However, active collaborations across different actors are already in place to jointly address the existing challenges in this area.

Five European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) are part of the HealthyCloud consortium:

  • ELIXIR, devoted to life sciences;

  • ECRIN, in charge of clinical trials;

  • EATRIS, focused in translational medicine;

  • BBMRI-ERIC, which coordinates the national networks of biobanks across Europe;

  • Euro-BioImaging, dedicated to the management of clinical and biomedical imaging.

This constellation is strongly reinforced by three Joint Actions in the consortium:

  • InfAct, aiming to foster data based for population health research;

  • iPAAC, the Joint Action for innovative cancer control;

  • eHAction, the Joint Action to support the eHealth Network.