Data Collections & Data Hubs

HealthyCloud aims to provide recommendations, guidelines and best practices to enable accessing, using and reusing health data for better research outcomes across Europe within an ethically sound and legally compliant framework.

Health data is produced across a broad range of domains as part either of the daily clinical practice or different research efforts. However, these massive amounts of data tend to remain unexplored in siloed repositories in organizations and/or research projects. The FAIR data principles can contribute to increase the readability of health data by machines and humans. However, this effort needs to be accompanied by incentive mechanisms to promote the data sharing across appropriate infrastructures.

HealthyCloud work on data collection will focus on three concepts:

  • Ethical and legal aspects, as validation of all propositions with European and national data protection authorities is essential to facilitate their implementation at a later stage;
  • Health data collections, which need to be fully understood in order to improve their sharing and secondary use;
  • Health data hubs, which are in an exceptional position to elaborate on the rationale to share data and derive models for promoting it.