About us


The need for advances in health and biomedical sciences requires that health research is performed timely, efficiently and oriented to high-quality results. To meet this need, health data must be oriented towards access, sharing, and secondary use in support of translational, clinical, and epidemiological-population level research. In other words, to maximise the impact of health research, it is necessary to adopt best practices on how to efficiently manage health data.

The objective of HealthyCloud is to generate a number of guidelines, recommendations and specifications that will enable distributed health research across Europe in the form of a Ready-to-implement Roadmap. This roadmap together with the feedback gathered from a broad range of stakeholders will be the basis to produce the final HealthyCloud Strategic Agenda for the European Health Research and Innovation Cloud (HRIC).

To facilitate the generation of the final Strategic Agenda, we are joining a broad number of stakeholders across the EU member states, the European Commission, and relevant regional, national and international initiatives in the form of a Stakeholder Forum. HealthyCloud Stakeholder Forum invites representatives from healthcare providers, academia, industry, patients and citizens’ organizations, professional organizations and policy and decision-makers.

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