HealthyCloud’s Participation in I2K 2022 | From Images to Knowledge – 2022

Date: May 10, 2022
Location: Virtual

Event Dates: 10th May 2022

HealthyCloud was pleased to be a part of the highly anticipated event, I2K 2022 | From Images to Knowledge – 2022. Held the 10th May 2022, this event offered a unique platform for professionals and experts to gather and delve into the latest advancements in image analysis and data-driven insights.

Euro-BioImaging ERIC Workshop – Image Data Analysis Services: The event featured a workshop hosted by Aastha Mathur from Euro-BioImaging ERIC. Euro-BioImaging ERIC is a cornerstone of biological and biomedical imaging research in Europe. This specific workshop showcased the infrastructure’s Image Data Analysis services. Participants learned about the seamless process of bringing their own data and availing expert analysis services at various facilities, or Nodes, within the Euro-BioImaging network. The workshop emphasized the Hub’s role in supporting user projects and fostering connections within the imaging community.

I2K 2022 | From Images to Knowledge – 2022 provided a dynamic platform for professionals and experts to explore the intersection of imaging technologies and data-driven insights. HealthyCloud’s involvement in this event reinforced its dedication to contributing to the advancement of healthcare technology and data analysis practices.

For more information about the event and HealthyCloud’s involvement, please visit I2K 2022’s official website