Participation of ECRIN in International Clinical Trials Day 2022

Date: March 24, 2022
Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Date: 17 May 2022

ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network), in collaboration with its German national partner, the KKS Netzwerk, proudly hosted the International Clinical Trials Day 2022 (ICTD 2022). This event, centered around the crucial topic of patient recruitment in clinical trials, took place in Berlin as a hybrid event, uniting professionals from the international clinical research community.

ICTD 2022 facilitated insightful discussions on patient recruitment challenges and opportunities within clinical trials. Some of the overarching conclusions drawn from the event include:

  • The Vital Role of Patient Involvement: Acknowledging the significance of involving patients in the recruitment process and treating them as equal partners to achieve successful patient recruitment.
  • Pragmatic Trials and Feasibility: Recognizing that pragmatic trials, which closely align with clinical practice, can enhance recruitment rates. However, it’s essential to consider the potential need for a larger patient pool due to the nature of such trials.
  • Leveraging Electronic Health Records: Exploring the untapped potential of electronic health records as a valuable source of information to facilitate patient recruitment. This includes defining inclusion and exclusion criteria, site selection, patient selection, and informing the trial’s case report form (CRF).

International Clinical Trials Day 2022 presented a groundbreaking platform for discussions and insights into the challenges and innovative solutions for patient recruitment in clinical trials. The event’s hybrid format not only promoted inclusivity but also enabled a global exchange of ideas, enriching the dialogue on patient-centric clinical research practices.

For further information about ICTD 2022 and ECRIN’s involvement, kindly visit ICTD 2022’s official website