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HealthyCloud researchers analyze incentives systems to promote data sharing 

Date: May 05, 2023

Data sharing is critical in research because it promotes collaboration, efficiency, transparency, and the advancement of knowledge. By sharing data, researchers can accelerate the pace of discovery and improve the quality of scientific research. However, researchers are not always inclined to share their data as they may have valid concerns about the risks and costs associated with data sharing, as well as the lack of incentives to do so. 

To understand what incentivizes researchers to share their health data, HealthyCloud researchers delved into the literature on incentive systems in the life sciences and beyond and surveyed prominent health data hubs on their use of incentive systems. 

HealthyCloud researchers collaborated with internal and external partners in four dedicated workshops to validate the literature review’s findings on the incentives that motivate researchers to share their data and the survey’s results on the incentives currently used by data hubs. This feedback served as the basis for a list of proposed incentives that could improve data sharing in research.

These proposed incentives include: acknowledgment and citation, policy and regulation requirements, technical and training support, reimbursements, embargoes, outreach and feedback among others.

To grasp the effectiveness of these incentives, HealthyCloud has prepared a short questionnaire where user communities can rate the proposed incentives based on their impact and ease of implementation. 

Your feedback is critical for helping us find an effective incentive system that encourages researchers to share their data! Help us by providing your input and let us know what you think about these proposed incentives. 

Together we can help promote data sharing in health research for the benefit of all.