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Implementing Responsible AI in Cardiovascular Imaging: A Clinician’s Guidebook

Date: February 23, 2023

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is a promising area that could transform patient care and diagnosis. However, ensuring the trustworthiness of AI systems is crucial for their successful implementation. A recent publication in the Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine journal titled “Clinician’s guide to trustworthy and responsible artificial intelligence in cardiovascular imaging” addresses this critical issue. The guidelines were developed with the help of experts from Healthycloud

With the increasing need to handle vast amounts of clinical and imaging data, AI systems have the potential to advance patient care, diagnosis, and prognosis. However, implementing AI tools into real-life clinical practice requires ensuring their “trustworthiness” by end-users. The guidelines summarize the concepts involved in developing a trustworthy AI system and describe the main risks of AI applications and potential mitigation techniques. The focus is on the wider application of these promising techniques in the context of cardiovascular imaging, and the guidelines show why trustworthy AI concepts are important governing forces of AI development. The aim is to help initiate dialogue within research groups to improve the trustworthiness of AI in cardiovascular imaging.

Healthycloud brings together partners from academia, industry, and healthcare providers to address challenges related to the use of cloud computing in healthcare. The Healthycloud team contributed to the guidelines by sharing their expertise in AI, cloud computing, and healthcare.

The publication of the “Clinician’s guide to trustworthy and responsible artificial intelligence in cardiovascular imaging” is a significant step towards the safe and responsible deployment of AI in healthcare. It demonstrates the importance of collaboration between different stakeholders in healthcare, including researchers, clinicians, and technology providers. By working together, we can ensure that AI systems are trustworthy, ethical, and can deliver the promised benefits to patients and healthcare providers.